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    Radioactivity refers to the particles emitted. Radioactivity refers to the spontaneous emission of a stream of particles or electromagnetic rays in nuclear decay.  When the nuclei of isotopes that are not naturally radioactive are bombarded with high-energy particles, the result is artificial radioisotopes that decay in the same manner as natural isotopes.

    Convert the 25 attogray/second to various units

    attogray/second = 25
    decigray/second = Nan
    exagray/second = 2.5e-35
    gigagray/second = 2.5e-26
    hectogray/second = 2.5e-19
    kilogray/second = 2.5e-20
    microgray/second = 2.5e-11
    nanogray/second = 2.5e-8
    picogray/second = 0.000025
    teragray/second = 2.5e-29
    centigray/second = 2.5e-15
    dekagray/second = 2.5e-18
    femtogray/second = 0.025
    gray/second = 2.5e-17
    joule/kilogram/second = 2.5e-17
    megagray/second = 2.5e-23
    milligray/second = 2.5e-14
    petagray/second = 2.5e-32
    rad/second = 2.5e-15

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