Triangle Calculator

A triangle is a plane figure with straight sides and three angles. All of the interior angles add up to 180 degrees. A triangle is a polygon with three corners or vertices and three sides or edges which are line segments. A triangle with vertices AB, and C is denoted \triangle ABC.

Calculate the area, volume of Traingle (Traingle Calculator)

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    Area of triangle: [ l×b /2 ]
    Perimeter of Triangle: [ (a + b + c) ]
    Area of Equilateral Triangle: [ (Sqrt (3)/4)×(side)² ]
    Area of Triangle SAS (2sides & opposite angle): [ ½×a×b×SinC ]

    l = length
    b =breadth
    a,b and c = sides of the triangle

    A triangle is a three sided polygon consisting of three line segments linked end-to-end.

    The interior angles of triangle always add up to 180 degrees
    The exterior angles of triangle always add up to 360 degrees

    There are seven types of triangles:
    Isosceles triangle
    Equilateral triangle
    Scalene triangle
    Right angle triangle
    Obtuse triangle
    Acute triangle


    Calculate the area of a triangle with the given length as 3 and breadth as 4 cm.
    Area = 
    [ l×b /2 ]= (3*4/2) = 12/2 = 6

    Calculate the Perimeter of triangle with the given sides as 3, 4 and 5 cm
    Perimeter = a+b+c = 3+4+5 = 12

    Calculate the area of an equilateral triangle with the given side length as 4 cm
    = [ (Sqrt (3)/4)×(side)² ] = [ (sqrt(3)/4 *(4)2 ] = 1.73/4 *16 = 0.4325 *16 = 6.92