Partial pressure calculator

Dalton's law of partial pressure calculator, which is actually daltons gas law calculator, measures total pressure using temperature, moles of gas and volume. Dalton’s Law states the principle that the pressure exerted by a mixture of gases in a fixed volume is equal to the sum of the pressures that each gas would exert if it occupied the whole volume Also called as Dalton's law of partial pressures. Calculate the pressure of combined gases with known values of temperature and mole of gas.

Daltons Law Calculator


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    Dalton's law Formula

    Ptot=p1+p2+p3+...+pm (or)

    p1,p2,p3, ...,pm= Partial pressures of the individual gases in the mixture.
    V = volume,
    T = temperature,
    n1,n2,n3, ...,nm= n is the total amount of gas of the m gases present in the mixture,
    R = 8.314 J K-1 mol-1, ideal gas constant.