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Enter actual yield and theoretical yield in the given input fields to find the percent yield using percent yield calculator.


Percent Yield Calculator

Percent yield calculator is online tool that finds the percent yield for the given amount of actual and theoretical yield. This tool can find various types of yields such as,

  1. Percent Yield
  2. Actual Yield
  3. Theoretical Yield

You can select a different unit for each input by selecting the units from the list. Hit the Calculate button when you are done entering the values.

What is Yield?

The total amount of product produced after a synthetic lab experiment is called yield. There are two types of yields.

  1. Theoretical yield
  2. Actual yield

What is Percent Yield?

Percent yield is a measure of the effectiveness of a synthetic procedure. It tells you how well you carried out your reaction. It can be calculated by finding the percentage of actual yield to the theoretical yield.

Percent Yield Formula

The formula for calculating percentage yield is,

Percent Yield = (Actual yield/Theoretical yield) x 100%

What is Theoretical Yield?

Theoretical yield is the estimated amount of product you will get after a reaction is carried out. It is the amount of product you are expecting to obtain after the whole limiting reactant is used.

Theoretical yield formula

Theoretical yield formula if percentage yield and actual yield is known. 

Theoretical yield = Actual yield/100

What is Actual Yield?

The total quantity of products formed after the reaction is actually carried out. It is the product in your hand after the experiment.

Actual Yield Formula

The actual yield formula is,

Actual yield = Percent yield/Theoretical yield * 100

How to calculate percent yield?

To calculate percentage yield, follow the below example.


Find the percent yield in a chemical reaction if actual yield is 25 grams and theoretical yield is 22.3 grams.

Step 1: Identify the values to use for calculation.

Actual yield = 25 g

Theoretical yield = 22.3 g

Step 2: place the values in percent yield equation given above.

Percent Yield = (Actual yield/Theoretical yield) x 100%

Percent Yield = (25/22.3) x 100%

Percent Yield = 112.1 %


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