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Theoretical yield calculator is an online tool that calculates the theoretical yield in chemical reactions. It takes actual yield and percent yield, and finds the amount of yield in a theoretical chemical reaction.

What is theoretical yield?

Theoretical yield can be defined as quantity of a product acquired from complete conversion of the limiting reactant in a chemical reaction. It is the amount of product resulting from a seamless but theoretical chemical reaction.

That is why, theoretical yield is not the same as the amount we will essentially acquire from a reaction in the lab. It is generally expressed in terms of moles or grams.

Theoretical yield formula

Theoretical yield equation is given below:

Theoretical Yield = Actual Yield/Percent Yield x 100%

How to calculate theoretical yield?

To calculate theoretical yield, follow the example below.


Find theoretical yield if actual yield is 10 grams and percent yield is 4%.


Step 1: Identify the values.

Actual yield = 10 g

Percent Yield = 4%

Step 2: Use the formula of theoretical yield and place the values.

Ty = Actual Yield/Percent Yield x 100%

Ty = (10/4) × 100%

Ty = 250 g


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