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Titration Calculator

Titration calculator is an online chemistry tool used for calculating molarity through titration. It can find all the values involves in the titration formula.

Through this titration calculator, you can find the molarity in five different molar units. Also, do check out the mole calculator and mole fraction calculator.

What is titration?

Titration is a chemical way of finding the molarity of an unknown substance. A titrant of known volume, typically phenolphthalein, is added until the pH of the solution becomes 1:1.

Titration Formula:

After the titration is performed, the measured values are put in a formula to find the molarity of the substance. The formula used is:


nH * Molarity(acid) * Volume(acid) = nOH * Molarity (base) * Volume(base)


  • nH is the concentration of H+
  • nOH- is the concentration of OH-

Titration method:

  • Titrant solution is taken in a burette and placed on the stand.
  • The analyte is taken in a flask.
  • Initial reading on the burette is noted.
  • The titrant is added slowly until the color starts to change.
  • When the color change is permanent, no more solution is added. The final reading is noted.

Now, it is time for titration calculations. Find the difference between the final and the initial reading and put it as the volume of the substance in the titration formula.

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