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Arithmetic Progression = a + (n-1)* d

a -> the first term in the series,
n -> last term in the series and
d -> Common difference.

An arithmetic progression is a sequence of numbers such as the positive odd integers 1, 3, 5, 7, . . . , in which each term after the first is formed by adding a constant to the preceding term. In short, the arithmetic progression refers to the sequence of numbers where the difference between any two adjacent numbers is the same.

Arithmetic Progression is a series of numbers in which the same number is added to each number to produce the next. This online Arithmetic Progression Calculator is used to calculate and find the arithmetic mean between the given set of numbers.

Arithmetic Progression Calculator


Calculate the arithmetic progression for the given details of numbers.
Enter nth term: 10
Enter the first term =: 2
Enter the common difference: 2


Apply formula:
Arithmetic Progression = a + (n-1)* d
Arithmetic Progression = 2+(10-1)*2
Arithmetic Progression = 2+9*2
Arithmetic Progression = 2+18
Arithmetic Progression =20
Sum of first n terms: 110