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To find the geometric sequence, enter first term, nth term, & common difference in the required input fields and click the calculate button using geometric progression calculator 

an = a1 rn-1

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Gp = [a r (n-1)]

a - first term in the series,
n - last term in the series,
r - common difference.

Geometric Progression is a series of numbers whose terms form a geometric progression such as a + + ax2 + ax3 + . . ax. In mathematics, the geometric progression is a sequence of numbers in which each number is obtained from the previous one by multiplying by a constant. Geometric Progression is also called as geometric sequence.

Geometric Progression is a sequence like 1, ½  , ¼ in which the ratio of a term to its predecessor is always same. The advanced online Geometric Progression Calculator is used to calculate the progression of the given nth term, first term and the common difference.

Calculate the Geometric progression or geometric sequence for the given details of the number.
Enter nth term: 5
Enter the first term: 2
Enter the common difference: 1

Apply Formula:
Gp = [a r (n-1)]
Gp = 2

Geometric Progression: 2 

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