Mixed Number to Improper Fraction Calculator

Enter the numerator and denominator of the fraction and the whole number in the mixed number to the improper fraction calculator.

Mixed Number to Improper fraction calculator

Improper fraction calculator is an online maths tool to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions. 

What is an improper fraction?

A fraction that has a numerator greater than the denominator is known as an improper fraction. Examples of improper fractions are:

2/1, 5/4, 12/10 e.t.c 

How to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions?

Mixed numbers consist of two parts; fraction and whole number. The denominator of the fraction is multiplied with the whole number and then is added to the numerator. 

Let’s see this by an example. 


Convert 2 ½ into the improper fraction.


Step 1: Multiply the denominator to the whole number.

Denominator = 2

Whole number = 2

= 2 x 2 = 4

Step 2: Add this number to the numerator.

Numerator = 1

= 1 + 4 = 5

The final fraction is 5/2.

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