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Mixed fraction calculator

This mixed fractions calculator helps you to solve different operations on mixed numbers. It can perform Addition, Division, multiplication, and subtraction on mixed fractions. Choose the operation you want to perform on our calculator, input the mixed fractions in the boxes, and click calculate.

Definition of Mixed numbers

Mixed numbers are a combination of a whole number and a fraction which is proper in nature. These numbers usually make calculation difficult. E.g. 3 16

Let’s convert 2 23 into an improper fraction.

  1. First, multiply the denominator 3 with the whole number 2 at the side.
  2. Now add the answer of multiplication into the numerator of the fraction.
  3. Answer 83 is an improper fraction.
  • How to convert an improper fraction into a mixed fraction.

Converting 103 into mixed numbers.

  1. Dividing the fraction.
  2. It will always have a remainder.
  3. Write the remainder as the numerator, write the number obtained from the division at the side of fraction and denominator remain at its place. E.g 3 1/3.

Enjoy calculation:)

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