2’s Complement Addition Calculator

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2’s Complement Addition Calculator 

The two’s complement addition calculator performs the addition operation on two’s complement of binary numbers. It takes the binary numbers in the two’s complement form and performs addition.

What is two’s complement?

It is an operation of binary numbers. It inverses the zeros of binary numbers to ones and vice versa. It is called one’s complement. In the end, 1 is added.

Two’s complement Addition means adding the binary number represented in 2’s complement form. 

How to add two’s complements?

Use the tool above for this particular calculation to save time. The manual calculation consists of the following procedure.

  1. Add binary numbers according to the rules.
  2. Inverse the numbers and add one.
  3. This is the two’s complement addition of two binary numbers. 

To find the two’s complement of any binary number, use the 2’s complement calculator.

There is another method similar to this. Find the two’s complement of numbers separately and add in the end. The calculator uses the latter method.


Two binary numbers are 101101 and 11101. Find the two’s complement and add them.


It is easy to add and convert afterward. But if you apply the complement operation first and add later that will be correct also. 

Step 1: Add the numbers.

+ 11101

Step 2: Find the two’s complement.

1001010 inverted is 0110101. After adding one it becomes 0110110.     

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