Centripetal Acceleration Calculator

Use this Centripetal acceleration calculator to calculate magnitude of centripetal acceleration(a=v^2/r) by filling required field below.

Formula a = v2r

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Centripetal Acceleration Formula

Centripetal Acceleration :
a = v2/r

Radius :
r = v2/a

Velocity :
v = √ar

r = Circular Radius,
v =Velocity

Centripetal acceleration calculator

Centripetal acceleration calculator also known as circular motion calculator or tangential acceleration calculator. Centripetal Acceleration refers to the acceleration towards the center that holds a satellite in elliptical orbit. Centripetal acceleration is defined as the rate of change of tangential velocity. Centripetal describes the force on the object that is directed toward the centre of the circle which causes a constant change in the object's direction and thus its acceleration. The Centripetal Acceleration is also called as centrifugal force or acceleration.

Centripetal Acceleration is that acceleration of an object that is in uniform circular motion and is always towards the center of the circle or circular path. This advanced online Centripetal Acceleration Calculator is used to calculate the acceleration towards the circular motion.

How to find centripetal acceleration?

Calculate the Centripetal Acceleration for the given details.
Radius(r) = 10
Velocity (v) = 5 m/s

Apply formula:
a = v2/r
a = 52/10
a = 2.5 m/s2
Centripetal Acceleration (a) = 2.5 m/s2


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