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Centripetal Force Formula

Formula and equation for centripetal force is

Centripetal Force :   f = mv2r

Some other formulas derived from the centripetal force equation are

Radius :   r = mv2f

Velocity :   v = frm


  • m = Mass,
  • r = Circular Radius,
  • v = Velocity.

Centripetal force calculator finds the centripetal force of an object in a circular motion. In other words, it calculates the magnitude of centripetal force. It can also find the centripetal velocity, mass, and radius of an object, if force is given.

If the answer of your calculation is a negative number, it means centrifugal force is acting on the object.

What is centripetal force?

Centripetal force is a net force that acts on an object to keep it moving along a circular path. It is necessary for an object to move with a circular motion

How to find centripetal force?

To find centripetal force, you should have the velocity, radius of the circular path, and mass of the object. If you have the angular acceleration of the body, you can still find the magnitude of centripetal force.

  1. Take the square of the velocity.
  2. Multiply it to the mass of the body.
  3. Divide the value by the radius of the circle in which the body is moving.


Calculate the centripetal force of an object if it is moving in a circle having radius of 5 m, mass of the body is 10 kg, and velocity is 15 m/s.


Place the given values in the equation of centripetal force.

Fc = mv2/r

Fc =10 × (15)2/5

Fc = 450 N

Is centripetal and centrifugal force the same?

Both are the same but opposite in direction. The centripetal force acts inwardly (pulls the object toward the center) while centrifugal force pushes it away from the center. Both have same formulas. The only difference is, centrifugal force is accompanied by a negative sign.


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