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C(cubic inches) = ( ( Length * 3.1415 * Diameter2) / 4)
C(Gallons) = C(cubic inches) / 231

C - Capacity

Cylindrical Tank is a solid object with:

* two identical flat ends that are circular or elliptical
* and one curved side.
It has the same cross-section from one end to the other.

A storage tank is a container, usually for holding liquids, sometimes for compressed gases (gas tanks). This term can also be used for reservoirs, and for manufactured containers for other storage purposes.

This advanced online Cylinder Tank Calculator is used to calculate the storage capacity of liquid in a cylindrical tank.

Calculate the storage capacity of a cylindrical tank for the given details.
Diameter: 25 inches
Length: 20 inches

Apply Formula:
C (cubic inches) = ( ( Length * 3.1415 * Diameter2) / 4)
C (cubic inches) = ((20*3.14 * 252)/4)
C (cubic inches) = ((62.8 * 625)/4)
C (cubic inches) = 39250/4
C (cubic inches) = 9817.1875
C (Gallons) = C (cubic inches) / 231
C (Gallons) = 9817.1875 /231
C (Gallons) = 42.49864718614719

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