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To calculate displacement, input time(t), initial (vi) & final (vf) velocities into the required boxes and hit calculate button using displacement calculator 

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Displacement calculator is used to calculate the displacement of an object using time, acceleration, initial, & final velocities.

What is displacement?

In mechanics, the shortest distance between two points is said to be the displacement. In other words, the distance moved by an object, body, or a particle in a specific direction is known as displacement. It is a vector quantity.

The formula of the displacement

The formula used to find the displacement is:

Displacement = d = v * t

  • d is the displacement
  • v is the average velocity
  • t is the time taken from initial to final.

The average velocity can be calculated by using the acceleration formula.

Acceleration = a = 1/t (vf - vi)

Where vi is the initial velocity and vf is the final velocity.

The formula of the displacement in terms of acceleration is:

Displacement = d = vit + 1/2 at2

How to find the displacement of an object?

Below is a solved example of displacement.


Find the displacement of a car, if the initial velocity is 10m/s, the final velocity is 15m/s, and the time taken is 230 seconds.


Step 1: Write the given values.

Initial velocity = vi = 10m/s
Final velocity = vf = 15m/s
Time taken = t = 230s

Step 2: Find the acceleration of the object.

Acceleration = a = (vf - vi)/t
Acceleration = a = (15 - 10)/230
Acceleration = a = 5/230 = 0.021739

Step 3: Put the values of initial velocity, acceleration, and time taken in the formula of the displacement.

Displacement = d = vit + 1/2 at2
Displacement = d = (10)(230) + 1/2 (0.0217)(230)2
Displacement = d = 2300 + 1/2 (0.021739)(52900)
Displacement = d = 2300 + 1/2 (1150)
Displacement = d = 2300 + 575
Displacement = d = 2875

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