Acceleration Calculator

In the acceleration calculator, input the values of velocities and time to find average acceleration.

Formula a  = v - v0t

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Acceleration calculator

Users can find the magnitude of acceleration, the rate at which velocity changes through the Acceleration calculator. You can also see the full step-wise guide of calculation.

What is Acceleration?

A comprehensive definition of acceleration would be:

“Acceleration is a vector quantity that is defined as the rate at which an object changes its velocity.”

The acceleration is usually used in the place of average acceleration. When one says the car accelerated with X ms-2, One is referring to the overall acceleration.

Acceleration Formula:

The formula used for acceleration is:

a =v - v0/t

While in this equation:

How to find acceleration?

The magnitude of acceleration can be calculated manually. While the direction of acceleration is the same as the net force.


A ball has been rolling on the ground for 8 seconds. The initial velocity of the ball was 10 ms-2 and the final velocity is 2ms-2. Calculate the acceleration.


a =v - v0/t

a = 2 - 10/8

a = -1 ms-2

The negative sign indicates retardation.

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