Moment of force calculator

To calculate Moment, Force, and Lever Arm Length use this moment of force calculator by putting values in input fields.

Formula M = F * I


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Moment of force formula:
M = F*I

F = M/I

Lever Arm formula:
I = M/F

M = Moment,
F = Force,
l = Lever Arm Length.

Moment calculator is an online tool that is used widely for problems related to Physics. It is primarily used to calculate the:

  • Moment around an axis
  • Force
  • Lever arm length

Below, you will find moment of force definition, moment arm formula, how to calculate lever arm length without using lever arm calculator, and moment calculation.

What is moment?

A force that attempts to produce motion around a given point or fulcrum is called as a moment. Moment is the combination of weight and distance from the fulcrum. Moment It is the force attempting to produce motion around an axis.

How to calculate moment of force?

Calculating moment without moment force calculator is not that hard. You only need to grab the moment equation and place the values in it. Follow the below steps with example to find moment of force.

Calculate the Moment around an axis for the force of 25 N and level arm length of 30 m.


Step 1: Identify and write down the values.

F = 25 N
I = 30 m

Step 2: Place the values in formula of moment.

M = F × I

M = 25×30
M = 750 N-m
Moment (M) = 750 N-m

Use the same method to calculate lever arm length. You can also put the above values in the moments calculator to verify the answer or to make a new moment arm calculation.


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