Moment Calculation

A force that attempts to produce motion around a given point or fulcrum is called as a moment. Moment is the combination of weight and distance from the fulcrum. Moment is the force attempting to produce motion around an axis.
Moment Calculation
I want to calculate
Force N
Lever Arm Length m
Moment N-m
M = F*I

F = M/I

Lever Arm Length:
I = M/F

M = Moment,
F = Force,
l = Lever Arm Length.
This advanced online Moment Calculation tool is used to calculate the force, level arm length and moment around an axis by applying the formulas.

Calculate the Moment around an axis for the given details of force and level arm length.
Force (F) = 25 N
Lever Arm Length (l) = 30 m

Apply Formula:
M = F*I
M = 25*30
M = 750 N-m
Moment M) = 750 N-m