Momentum with Velocity Calculation

Momentum refers to a physical quantity which is closely related to forces. Momentum is a conserved quantity. The momentum of an object is defined as its mass multiplied by its velocity. Thus, momentum is a property of a moving object and is determined by its velocity and mass. The units for momentum would be mass units times velocity units. The SI unit of momentum is kg-m/s.
Momentum with Velocity Calculator
I want to calculate
Mass (m): kg
Velocity Change (Δv) : m/s
Momentum Change (ΔM); kg-m/s
ΔM = m* Δv

m = ΔM / Δv

Velocity Change:
Δv = ΔM /m

ΔM = Momentum Change,
m = Mass,
Δv = Velocity Change,
Momentum can be defined as "mass in motion." Momentum is also defined as a vector quantity. The advanced online Momentum with Velocity Calculation tool is used for calculating various factors of momentum like mass, velocity change and momentum change.

Calculate the Momentum change of an object when mass and the velocity change of the object is given.
Mass (m) = 25 kg
Velocity Change (Δv) = 15 m/s

Apply Formula:
ΔM = m* Δv
ΔM = 25*15
ΔM = 375 kg-m/s
Momentum Change (ΔM) = 375 kg-m/s