Power with Work Calculator

Power is the time rate at which work is done or energy is transferred. In short, Power is the derivative of work with respect to time. The SI unit of Power is Watt (W) or Joule per second (J/s). Work is done by applying a constant force to an object, thus moving it. The measurement of power describes work with regard to the amount of time it took to perform the work.
Power with Work Calculator
I want to calculate:
Work (W): N-m
Time (T): s
Power (P): W
P = W/T

W = P*T

T = W/P

P = Power,
W = Work,
T = Time.

Work is defined (in calculus terms) as the integral of the force over a distance of displacement. Time rate of doing work or of producing or expending energy is termed as Power. The online Power with Work Calculator is used to calculate the Work, Time and Power as per the given formulas.

Calculate the Power for the given work and time taken to do the work
Work (W) = 25 N-m
Time (T) = 30 s

Apply Formula:
P = W/T
P = 25/30
P = 0.83 W

Power (P) = 0.83 Watts