Weight / Force Calculator

The weight of an object is the force on the object due to gravity. Weight is a measurement of the gravitational force acting on an object. Weight is denoted by the letter ‘W’. Weight is the direct cause of the falling motion of an object, the speed of the falling object was supposed to be directly proportionate to the weight of the object.
Weight / Force Calculator
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Mass (m): kg
Gravity (g): m/s2
Weight (W): N
Weight / Force:

Weight / Force:
W = m*g

m = W/g

g = W/m

W = Weight / Force,
m = Mass,
g = Gravity.

Weight uses the units of mass. This advanced online Weight/Force Calculator is used to calculate and find the weight, mass and gravitation of the given object.

Calculate the Weight/force for the given details.
Mass (m) = 25 kg
Gravity (g) = 15 m/s2

Apply Formula:
W = m*g
W = 25*15
W = 375 N

Weight / Force (W) =375 N