AC to DC Converter

AC and DC are electric supply current adaptors. AC refers to Alternating Current and DC refers to Direct Current. An alternating current (AC) refers to an electrical current whose magnitude and direction vary cyclically, as opposed to direct current (DC). The direction of Direct Current (DC) always remains constant. Direct current (DC) is used to charge batteries, and also used in nearly all electronic systems as the power supply. Electric power that is being distributed all over is nearly all Alternating Current (AC) today.
AC to DC Power Supply Converter
AC Current: volts
DC Current: volts
AC = DC / 0.636

AC - Alternating Current
DC - Direct Current
0.636 - Constant

The advanced online AC to DC Converter is used to calculate and convert the electric currents from Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC) by applying the formula.

Convert the given value of Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC).
DC Current = 15

Apply Formula:
AC = DC / 0.636
AC = 15/0.636
AC = 23.584 volts
AC Current = 23.584 volts