Cylindrical Capacitor Calculator

Cylindrical Capacitor refers to a capacitor that is made up of two concentric metal cylinders of the same length, with dielectric filling the space between the cylinders. The cylindrical capacitor is also known as coaxial capacitor.
Cylindrical Capacitor Calculator
I want to calculate
Permittivity (ε): F/m
Length of Conductors (L): m
Outer Conductor Diameter (b): m
Inner Conductor Diameter (a): m
Capacitance (C): F
Capacitance :
C = 2π εL/In( b/a)

Permittivity :
ε = Cln (b/a)/2πL

Length of Conductors :
L = Cln(b/a)/2π ε

Outer Conductor Diameter :
b = ae (2πL/C)

Inner Conductor Diameter :
a = b/e (2π L/C)

C = Capacitance,
ε = Permittivity,
L = Length of Conductors,
b = Outer Conductor Diameter,
a = Inner Conductor Diameter.

The advanced online Cylindrical Capacitor Calculator is used to calculate the capacitance for cylindrical capacitor.

Calculate the capacitance for the cylindrical capacitor by the given details.
Permittivity (ε) = 5 F/m
Length of Conductors (L) = 4 m
Outer Conductor Diameter (b) = 3 m
Inner Conductor Diameter (a) =2 m

Apply Formula:
C = 2π εL/In ( b/a)
C = 2*3.14*5*4/ (3/2)
C = 309.77 F
Capacitance (C) = C = 309.77 F