Voltage across Inductance Calculator

Voltage across inductance determines relationship between voltage and current for the given inductor. The inductance does not have stable resistance as that of conductors. When the voltage across it is constant the inductor increases in current linearly as a ramp as a function of time. An inductor's behavior is rooted with respect to the variable of time.

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Ohm's Law for an Inductor: V = L (di/dt)

V - Voltage drop across inductor
L - Inductance in henry
di/dt - instantaneous rate of change of current with respect to time

The advanced online Voltage across Inductance Calculator is used to calculate and find the voltage and current across the given inductor.

Calculate the voltage across inductor for the given details and apply the Ohms law formula for an inductor.
Inductance (L) = 5
Rate of change of current = 15
Time = 20

Apply for formula:
Ohm's Law for an Inductor: V = L (di/dt)
V = 5(15/20)
V = 5*0.75
V = 3.75
Voltage across Inductor = 3.75


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