Euler Numbers Calculator

Euler Numbers to a dimensionless number that expresses the relationship between a local pressure drop and the kinetic energy per volume. Euler Numbers is used to characterize losses in the flow.
Euler Number Calculator
Large Number (n):
E n
Euler Number :
Eu = Δp/ ρV2

Pressure Change :
Δp= EuρV2

Density :
ρ = Δp/ EuV2

Characteristic Velocity :
V =√ Δp/ Euρ

Eu = Euler Number,
Δp = Pressure Change,
ρ = Density,
V = Characteristic Velocity.

This advanced online Euler Numbers Calculator is used to calculate and fins the Euler Number, Pressure Change, Density and Characteristic Velocity.

Calculate the Euler Number for the given details.
Pressure Change (Δp) = 25 P
Density (ρ) = 15 kg/m3
Characteristic Velocity (V) = 5 m/s

Apply Formula:
Eu = Δp/ρV2
Euler Number (Eu) = 0.07