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Formula Fo = αt

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Fourier Number :
Fo = αt/L2


Thermal Diffusivity :
α = Fo L2/t

Characteristic Time :
t = Fo L2/ α

Characteristic Length :
L = √αt/Fo

Fo = Fourier Number,
α = Thermal Diffusivity,
t = Characteristic Time,
L = Characteristic Length.

Fourier Number is termed as a dimensionless number that is used for the characterization of heat conduction. The Fourier Number is also called as Fourier modulus. Fourier Number is the ratio of the heat conduction rate to the rate of thermal energy storage. The Fourier Number is denoted by the symbol 'Fo'. In short, it is a study of unsteady-state mass transfer which is equal to the product of the diffusion coefficient and a characteristic time.

A dimensionless number used in the study of unsteady-state mass transfer, equal to the product of the diffusion coefficient and a characteristic time divided by the square of a characteristic length is called as Fourier Number. This advanced online Fourier Number Calculator is used to calculate the characterization of heat conduction.

Calculate the Fourier Number for the given details.
Thermal Diffusivity (α) = 5 m2/s
Characteristic Time (t) = 10 s
Characteristic Length (L) = 15 m

Apply Formula:
Fo = αt/L2
Fo = 5*10/152
Fo = 0.22
Fourier Number (Fo) = 0.22


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