Froude Number Calculator

Froude Number refers to the dimensionless number which is a ratio of a characteristic velocity to a gravitational wave velocity. In short, the Froude number is defined as the ratio of a body's inertia to gravitational forces. It is expressed by the symbol 'Fr'. The Froude Number is used in hydrodynamics to indicate how well a particular model works in relation to a real system

Froude Number Calculator


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    Froude Number :
    F = V/√ ghm


    Flow Velocity :
    V = F√ ghm

    Acceleration of Gravity :
    g = V2/ hmF2

    Mean Depth :
    hm= V2/gF2

    F = Froude Number,
    V = Flow Velocity,
    g = Acceleration of Gravity,
    hm = Mean Depth.

    This Online Advanced Froude Number Calculator is useful in calculating the Froude Number by putting the values Flow Velocity (V), Acceleration of Gravity (g) and Mean Depth (hm) and apply the formula.

    Calculate the Froude Number for the given details.
    Flow Velocity (V) = 20 m/s
    Acceleration of Gravity (g) = 15 m/s2
    Mean Depth (hm) = 10 m

    Apply Formula:
    F = V/ √ ghm
    F = 20/√15*10
    F = 1.63
    Froude Number (F) = 1.63