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Mach Number :
M = v/a

Object Speed :
v = M*a

Speed of Sound :
a = v/M

M = Mach Number,
v = Object Speed,
a = Speed of Sound.

Mach Number is a dimensionless value that is measured as a ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the surrounding area. The Mach number is denoted by the symbol 'M'. The Mach number comes after the unit i.e. the second Mach number is "Mach 2" instead of "2 Mach" or Machs.

Mach Number is commonly used to represent the speed of an object when it is traveling close to or above the speed of sound. Mach number is used both with objects that travel at high speed in a fluid, and with high-speed fluid flows inside channels such as nozzles, diffusers or wind tunnels.

Calculate the Mach Number for the given details.
Object Speed (v) = 25 m/s
Speed of Sound (a) = 20 m/s

Apply formula:
M = v/a
M = 25/20
M = 1.25
Mach Number (M) = 1.25


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