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Prandtl Number:
Pr = v/ α

Kinematic Viscosity:
v = Pr α

Thermal Diffusivity:
α = v/Pr

Pr = Prandtl Number,
v = Kinematic Viscosity,
α = Thermal Diffusivity.

The Prandtl Number refers to a dimensionless number. It is a ratio of momentum diffusivity or kinematic viscosity to thermal diffusivity. In short, the Prandtl Number is the ratio of the product of the coefficient of viscosity and the specific heat at constant pressure to the thermal conductivity in fluid flow.

This advanced online Prandtl Number Calculator is used to calculate the diffusion in flowing systems by applying the given formulas. It is named after the German physicist Ludwig Prandtl.

Calculate the Prandtl Number for the given details.
Kinematic Viscosity (v) = 15 m2/s
Thermal Diffusivity (α) = 10 m2/s

Apply Formula:
Pr = v/ α
Pr = 1.5

Prandtl Number (Pr) = 1.5