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Formula V = 1ρ

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Specific Volume :
V = 1/ρ

Density :
ρ =1/V

v = Specific Volume,
ρ = Density.

Specific volume refers to the volume that is occupied by a unit of mass of a material or substance, also termed as property of materials. The specific volume is the reciprocal of the density. It is denoted by the symbol "v".

In short, specific is termed as volume per unit mass of a substance. This online Specific Volume Calculator is useful in calculating the specific volume of a mass unit of substance.

Calculate the specific volume for the given details.
Density (ρ) = 25 kg/m3

Apply formula:
V = 1/ ρ
V = 1/25 kg/m3
Specific Volume (v) = 0.04 m3/kg


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