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Formula WHP = QH3960

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Water Horsepower refers to the energy or power that is added to water by the pump. In short, horsepower is termed as the imperial unit of power that has the ability to do the work at the rate of

33,000 per min or
550 per second


Water Horsepower :
WHP = QH/3960

Flow Rate or Discharge :
Q =3960 WHP/H

Total Head / Total Dynamic Head (TDH) :
It is defined as the total equivalent height that a fluid is to be pumped, taking into account friction losses in the pipe. The sum of discharge head, suction lift, and friction loss.

H = 3960 WHP/Q

WHP = Water Horsepower,
Q = Flow Rate or Discharge,
H = Total Head.

The advanced online Water Horsepower Calculator is useful in calculating the power of the water pumping in various forms. Also various factors of water pumping like HP (horsepower), flow rate or discharge and Total Head can be calculated by using this calculator.

Calculate the Water Horsepower for the given details on water pumping.
Flow Rate or Discharge (Q) = 25 gpm
Total Head (H) = 15 ft

Apply formula:
WHP = QH/3960
WHP = 25*15/3960
WHP = 0.09 HP


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