Weber Number Calculator

The Weber number is termed as a dimensionless number in fluid mechanics which is often used in analysing fluid flows where there is an interface between two different fluids.
Weber Number Calculator
I want to calculate
Density (ρ): kg/m3
Velocity (v): m/s
Characteristic Length (L): m
Surface Tension (σ): N/m
Weber Number (We):
Weber Number :
We = ρv2L/σ

Density :
ρ = Weσ/v2L

Velocity :
v= √Weσ/ ρL

Characteristic Length :
L = Weσ/ ρv2

Surface Tension :
σ = ρv2L/We

We = Weber Number,
ρ = Density,
v = Velocity,
L = Characteristic Length,
σ = Surface Tension.

The Weber Number is especially used for multiphase flows with strongly curved surfaces.

Calculate the Weber Number for the given details.
Density (ρ) = 5 kg/m3
Velocity (v) = 10 m/s
Characteristic Length (L) = 15 m
Surface Tension (σ) = 20 N/m

Apply Formula:
We = ρv2L/σ
Weber Number (We) = 375