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    Heat flux or thermal flux is the rate of heat energy transfer through a given surface. The measurement of heat flux is most often done by measuring a temperature difference over a piece of material with known thermal conductivity.

    Heat rate is a scalar quantity, while heat flux is a vectorial quantity. To define the heat flux at a certain point in space, one takes the limiting case where the size of the surface becomes infinitesimally small.

    The flux of electric and magnetic field lines is frequently discussed in electrostatics. This is because Maxwell's equations in integral form involve integrals like above for electric and magnetic fields. Heat, a form of kinetic energy, is transferred in three ways: conduction, convection, and radiation. Heat transfer (also called thermal transfer) can occur only if a temperature difference exists, and then only in the direction of decreasing temperature.

    Convert 5 calorie/second square centimeter to various units.

    BTU/hour square foot = 66360.42984099999
    BTU/minute square foot = 1106.007164836955
    calorie/second square centimeter = 5
    dyne/hour centimeter = 753624000001.6965
    erg/hour square millimeter = 7536240000.016965
    foot pound/minute square foot = 860660.7879943552
    gram calorie/hour square centimeter = 17999.99999879024
    horsepower (metric)/square foot = 26.442359541914602
    horsepower (UK)/square foot = 26.08062992958372
    CHU/hour square foot = 36866.90548278824
    joule/second square meter = 209340.00000078825
    Kilocalorie/hour square foot = 16722.547192856655
    kilocalorie/hour square meter = 180000.00000059672
    kilowatt/square meter = 209.34000000078822
    watt/square centimeter = 20.93400000007882
    watt/square inch = 135.05779430146677
    watt/square meter = 209340.00000078825

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