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To figure out the percentages of numbers put values in the given box by using this percentage difference calculator.


Percentage formula

Wondering How to find percentages? Don’t worry. We have got you covered in this space.

There are several formulas of the percentage that can be used to get a percentage of an amount. The use of these formulas depends on the type of percentage we are calculating.

Percentage = (Part × 100) / Whole

By using the above percentage equation, we can derive other quantities too.

Part = (Percentage × Whole) / 100

Whole = (Part / Percentage) × 100

Percentage calculator is an online utility to calculate percentage of an amount. It can be used to calculate percentage of a number without using paper and pencil. You can determine what percent of X is Y, how to find a percentage of two numbers, and much more using this percent calculator.

This calculator can make several types of percentage calculations. It can be used to calculate:

  • Percentage
  • What is % of?
  • Is what % of?
  • Is % of what?
  • Out of what is %?
  • What % of is?
  • % of what is?
  • % of is what?
  • Out of what is %?
  • What out of is %?
  • What is the percentage change?
  • Fraction

We have covered all types of percentages in this tool so that you can calculate the percentage of anything you want. All you have to do is input the values and click the button to get the result of the desired calculation.

In this content, we will discuss percentage, how percentage calculator works, how to figure out percentages, the formula for percentage, how to calculate a percentage of a number, and much more.

How to use percentage calculator?

The main purpose of this calculator is to facilitate the process of percentage calculation. We use percentages in our daily life. We use it in grading, evaluation, analysis, businesses, financial calculations, and in our daily calculations. We also use percentage in income tax calculations and discounts.

Calculating percentages is not a complicated task if you are calculating it using our percentage of calculator. This tools makes the calculations of percentage too easy that you will wonder why I was asking how to get a percentage from my teacher when this tool is available.

To use this tool, follow the steps below:

  • Choose the percentage type you want to calculate using this calculator.
  • Enter the percentage in the given input box.
  • Enter the total amount in the given input box.
  • Hit the Calculate button to get the percentage.
  • Use the Reset button to perform new calculations.

Apart from percentage calculations, this tool can be used for learning purposes. It has the capability of calculating 12 types of percentages as listed above. You can use its calculations to revise your concepts as well as prepare the topic of percentage for exams.

What is a percentage?

We are used to hearing the word percentage since our childhood but do we really know what a percentage is?

According to Wikipedia,

In mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. It is often denoted using the percent sign %, or the abbreviations pct. Sometimes the abbreviation "pc" is also used to denote percentage.

In the opinion of Merriam-Webster,

“A percentage is a part of a whole expressed in hundredths.

To understand the percentage, suppose you have pizza in front of you. You first cut the pizza in four slices and then further cut it to make a total of eight slices. Now, if you pick up one slice, you are holding some percentage of pizza in your hand.

It means that percentage is actually a part of a whole amount of something.

How to calculate percentages?

How to determine percentages? How to do percentages? How to find percentage of a number?

These are the questions that we usually receive from our users and many students pose these questions in their schools. We will cover these questions in this section.

A discussed above, there are numerous formulas to calculate the percentage. We can use any of them depending on the type of percentage we want to calculate. Let’s find out step by step method to get a percentage.

  • Identify and write down the values.
  • Write down the percentage formula.
  • Substitute the values in the percentage equation.
  • Calculate the percentage by solving the equation.

If you need to calculate the increase in percentage, use our percentage increase calculator or percentage difference calculator.

Let’s go through an example to properly understand the percent calculations.

Example 1 – Find the percentage

Calculate the percentage if a college student has obtained 700 marks out of 1200 in exams.


Step 1: Identify and write down the values.

Part = 700, Whole = 1200

Step 2: Write down the percentage formula.

Percentage = (Part × 100) / Whole

Step 3: Substitute the values in the percentage equation.

Percentage = (700 × 100) / 1200

Step 4: Calculate the percentage by solving the equation.

Percentage = 70000 / 1200

Percentage = 58.33%

So, a student with 700 marks out of 1200 got 58.33% in exams.

Example 2 – Find the part

What is 20% of $800?


Step 1: Identify and write down the values.

Percentage = 20%, Whole = $800

Step 2: Write down the percentage formula.

Part = (Percentage × Whole) / 100

Step 3: Substitute the values in the percentage equation.

Part = (20 × 800) / 100

Step 4: Calculate the percentage by solving the equation.

Part = 16000 / 100

Part = $160

So, 20% of $800 is $160.

Example 3 – Find whole

$10 is 30% of what?


Step 1: Identify and write down the values.

Percentage = 30%, Part = $10

Step 2: Write down the percentage formula.

Whole = (Part / Percentage) × 100

Step 3: Substitute the values in the percentage equation.

Whole = (10 / 30) × 100

Step 4: Calculate the percentage by solving the equation.

Whole = 0.33 × 100

Whole = $33

So, $10 is 30% of $33.

Where do we use percentages?

Percentage is used in our everyday life and we do not pretty much notice it. Still, it is an important part of our life. We can give you hundreds of examples of applications of percentage but here we have listed a few important daily uses of percentages.

Medicine & nutrition: Percentages are used in every medicine and nutrition. Most of the medicines contain extracts of various elements. If you see a packing of any syrup of tablet, you will see the quantity of the elements in percentage.

Phone battery: Have you ever noticed the remaining battery of your smartphone. You can see the percentage of remaining battery adjacent to the battery sign in your mobile phones.

Graphs & Charts: We use percentages when we draw a graph or make a chart for analysis. Most of the quantities in a graph are shown using percentages.

Shopping discounts: Whenever a brand or company announces a discount on its products, or whenever there is an ongoing discounted sale, you will see the discounts are promoted in percentages. For example, 20% off on jeans, etc.

Commissions: Companies offer commissions and incentives to their employees in percentage. A salesperson often draws his salaries with an added percentage of commission per sale.

Businesses: When companies and businesses public their annual figures, they determine the profit or loss in percentage. 20% increase in revenue or 10% loss as compared to the previous year.


How do I calculate percentage usage?

Percentage usage or usage rate is a calculation of the percentage of team plays used by a player while he was on the floor. It can be calculated using the following formula.

Usage Rate Formula

100 × ((Player’s Field Goal Attempts) + 0.44 × (Player’s Free Throw Attempts) + (Player’s Turnovers)) × (Team’s Total Minutes) / ((Team’s Total Field Goal Attempts) + 0.44 × (Team’s Total Free Throw Attempts) + Team’s Total Turnovers)) × 5 × (Player’s Minutes)

How do I calculate 5% of a total?

Suppose our total amount is 400. To calculate 5% of the total amount:

  • Multiply the percentage with the total amount

400 × 5%

  • Divide them by 100

400 × 5/100 = 20

How do I calculate the percentage of a total?

To calculate the percentage of a total, multiple the total by percentage and then divide it by 100. i.e. 200 × 4/100 = 8

How do I calculate a normal percentage?

Let’s suppose we have to calculate what percentage is $200 of $800. To calculate the normal percentage:

  • Multiply the part with 100.

200 × 100 = 20000

  • Divide the amount by the whole amount.

20000 / 800 = 25%

What is a 5th of 100?

A 5th of 100 can be calculated by multiplying 1/5 with 100. A 5th of 100 is 20.

1/5 × 100 = 20

What is 20% off?

20% off means that there is a discount of $20 per $100 on the total amount of the product. If the total price of a product is $600, then the 20% off will be:

$600 × 20 / 100 = $120

The discount on a $600 product will be $120 at 20%. The new price of the discounted product will be $600 - $120 = $480