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sin2θ = [1 - cos(2θ) ]2
cos2θ = [1 + cos(2θ) ]2
tan2θ = [1 - cos(2θ) ][1 + cos(2θ) ]

Power reducing formula calculator uses the power reducing formula to rewrite the expression.
The power reduction formulas are obtained by solving the second and third versions of the cosine double-angle and half-angle formulas. In power reduction formulas, a trigonometric function is raised to a power (such as sin2α or cos 2 α). The use of a power reduction formula expresses the quantity without the exponent. Here, sin2α or cos 2 α = 1.

Trig Power reducing identities calculator

This advanced online Trigonometry Power Reduction Identity Calculator is ued to calculate the trigonometric functions using power reduction formulas.