Power Reducing Formula Calculator

Power reducing formula calculator uses the power reducing formula to rewrite the expression.
The power reduction formulas are obtained by solving the second and third versions of the cosine double-angle and half-angle formulas. In power reduction formulas, a trigonometric function is raised to a power (such as sin2α or cos 2 α). The use of a power reduction formula expresses the quantity without the exponent. Here, sin2α or cos 2 α = 1.

Power Reduction Identity Calculator

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sin2θ = [1 - cos(2θ) ] / 2
cos2θ = [1 + cos(2θ) ] / 2
tan2θ = [1 - cos(2θ) ] / [1 + cos(2θ) ]

Trig Power reducing identities calculator

This advanced online Trigonometry Power Reduction Identity Calculator is ued to calculate the trigonometric functions using power reduction formulas.