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Formula Fk  = μk * N

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Kinetic Friction formula:

The kinetic friction equation is given below.
Fk = μk × N

Kinetic Friction Coefficient:
μk  = Fk/N

Normal Force:
N = Fk/ μk

μk = Kinetic Friction Coefficient,
N = Normal Force.

Friction Calculator

Trying to find kinetic friction? Have you tried our coefficient of kinetic friction calculator? The coefficient of friction calculator proficiently calculates the:

  • Kinetic friction
  • Kinetic friction coefficient
  • Normal force

In the below sections, you will find out kinetic friction definition, frictional force equation, coefficient of friction formula, how to find frictional force, and how to find coefficient of kinetic friction.

What is kinetic friction?

Kinetic friction is the force between two objects that are moving relative to each other. For example, friction between human body skin and a pencil when it rests in the palm is said to be kinetic friction. Kinetic Friction is denoted by the symbol "Fk" and its unit is Newton N”.


You can also calculate static and kinetic friction with coefficients because we offer both static and kinetic friction calculators.

How to calculate kinetic friction?

Wondering how to calculate force of friction? Follow the steps below to calculate friction without using the force of friction calculator.


Calculate the kinetic friction if kinetic friction coefficient is 5 N and normal force is 10 N.


Step 1: Write down the values.

μk = 5 N

N = 10 N

Step 2: Use the equation for friction and place the values.

Fk = μk×N
Fk = 5×10
Fk = 50 N

Kinetic Friction (Fk) = 50 N

Normal force and coefficient of friction can also be calculated using the method given above. Place the values in the equation accordingly to get the friction coefficient or normal force. Use the friction force calculator to verify the answer to your calculations.


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