Kinetic Friction Calculator

Kinetic friction calculator helps to find the Kinetic Friction force (Fk) between two objects. It also calculates static and kinetic friction coefficient. So it also known as coefficient of friction calculator.


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Kinetic Friction :
Fk = μk*N

Static Friction Coefficient :
μk  = Fk/N

Normal Force :
N = Fk/ μk

μk = Kinetic Friction Coefficient,
N = Normal Force.

Kinetic Friction refers to the friction or the force that resist the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers or material elements sliding against each other. Kinetic friction is generated between two dry surfaces in contact during the motion. It is calculated as the product of the coefficient of kinetic friction and the normal reaction force. Friction between solid objects is often referred to as dry friction or sliding friction and between a solid and a gas or liquid as fluid friction. Both of these types of friction are called kinetic friction. Kinetic Friction is denoted by the symbol "Fk".

Friction Calculator

Kinetic friction is the force between two objects that are moving relative to each other. For example, a friction between human body skin and a pencil when it rests in the palm is said to be a kinetic friction. This advanced online Kinetic Friction Calculator is used to calculate and find the kinetic friction between two objects.

How to calculate kinetic friction?

Calculate the Kinetic friction for the given details.
Kinetic Friction Coefficient (μk) = 5 N
Normal Force (N) = 10 N

Apply Formula:
Fk = μk*N
Fk  = 5*10
Fk   = 50 N
Kinetic Friction (Fk) = 50 N

how to calculate force of friction?

In same way it cloud also be used as friction force calculator.
Calculate the frictional force for the given details.
Kinetic Friction Coefficient (μk) = 45 N
Kinetic Friction (N) = 15 N
N = 15/45
Frictional force = 0.33 N