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Formula Fs  = μs * N

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Static Friction Formula

Fs = μs × N

Static Friction Coefficient formula
μs = Fs/N

Normal Force formula
N = Fs/μs

μs = Static Friction Coefficient,
N = Normal Force.

Static friction calculator is an online tool that calculates the static friction, normal force, and static friction coefficient. It takes the static friction coefficient and normal force as input to calculate static friction.

What is static friction?

Static friction refers to the friction or force between two object in contact that are not moving. Static friction is greater than kinetic friction. It is the force which resists the beginning of sliding motion of one body over the other body.

Static Friction is also known as limiting friction or starting friction. It is denoted by the symbol ‘Fs’ and its SI unit is Newton.

How to calculate static friction?

Calculate the static friction if normal force between two objects is 20 N and static friction coefficient is 25.


Step 1: Identify the values.

N = 20 N

μs = 25
Step 2: place the values in static friction equation.
Fs = μs×N
Fs = 25×20

Fs = 500 N

Use coefficient of static friction calculator above to verify the result of your friction calculations.


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