Mass Flow Rate Calculation

Mass Flow Rate Calculator solves the Mass Flow Rate equation (m = ρ*V*A). Mass Flow Rate refers to the mass of a given substance that moves through a given conduit or area per specified unit of time. Measuring the mass flow rate in manufacturing environments is necessary to determine if components of the process are operating according to optimal specifications. Variances in the mass flow rate can be sources of defects in the process or in the end product.

Mass Flow Rate Calculation


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    Mass Flow Rate Equation / Formula

    m = ρ*V*A

    m = mass flow rate,
    ρ = density,
    V = velocity,
    A = flow area
    mass flow rate units = Kg/s

    Mass Flow Rate is defined as the transfer of a mass of substance per unit of time. Mass flow rate can be calculated from the density of the liquid (or gas), its velocity, and the cross sectional area of flow. This advanced online Mass Flow Rate Calculation tool is used to calculate the Mass Flow Rate of liquid or gas.

    how to calculate mass flow rate

    Calculate the mass flow rate of liquid or gas by the given details.
    Density of the liquid or gas (kg/m3) = 25
    Velocity of the liquid or gas (m/s) = 20
    Flow Area of the Liquid or gas (cm2) = 15

    Apply formula:
    m = ρ*V*A
    m = 25*20*15
    m = 7500 kg/s
    Mass Flow Rate = 7500 kg/s