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Mass flow rate formula

The equation of mass flow rate can be expressed as:

m = ρ×V×A

m = mass flow rate,
ρ = density,
V = velocity,
A = flow area, and
Mass flow rate units = Kg/s

Mass flow rate calculator solves the mass flow rate equation (m = ρ*V*A).

The flow rate calculator calculates the mass flow rate of a substance per unit of time. It takes density, velocity, and flow area of substance as input, and find the mass flow rate of that substance in Kg per second.

Keep on reading if you are interested in mass flow rate definition, mass flow rate equation, and how to calculate flow rate of a liquid or gas without using mass flow rate to velocity calculator.

What is mass flow rate?

Mass flow rate refers to the mass of a given substance that moves through a given area per specified unit of time. In other words, mass flow rate is the transfer of a mass of a substance per unit of time.

How to calculate the mass flow rate?

Mass flow rate can be calculated from the density of the liquid (or gas), its velocity, and the cross sectional area of flow. Here is the example of mass flow rate calculation.

Calculate the mass flow rate of a liquid if density of the liquid is 25 kg/m3, velocity of the liquid is 20 m/s, and flow area of the liquid is 15 cm2.


Step 1: Identify and write down the values.

ρ = 25 kg/m3

V = 20 m/s

A = 15 cm2

Step 2: Use the formula of mass flow rate and place the values.

m = ρ*V*A
m = 25*20*15
m = 7500 kg/s
Mass Flow Rate = 7500 kg/s

In the same way, velocity from mass flow rate can be calculated using the above equation of mass flow rate. You can also convert mass flow to velocity using this method if you have density, area, and mass flow rate of liquid or gas.


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