Dipole Antenna Calculator

A dipole antenna is a straight electrical conductor measuring 1/2 wavelength from end to end and connected at the center to a radio-frequency (RF) feed line. A dipole antenna is a radio antenna that is made of a simple wire, with a center-fed driven element. A dipole Antenna is also called as doublet antenna; half-wave dipole.
Dipole Antenna Calculator
Magnetic Current: Im
Half antenna length: L
Wave Length: λ
Radius: r
Z-axis length: z
Coordinate Angle: θ
Dipole Current:
Electric Wave: Eθ
Magnetic Wave: HΦ
Average radiated power density: Pd
Current (I) = Im Sin (β(L - |z|) )
Electric Wave (Eθ) = (60 * Im / r) * [(Cos (βL Cos&theta) - Cos(βL) ) / Sinθ
Magnetic Wave (Hφ) = (Im / 2 πr ) *[ ( Cos (βL Cos&theta) - Cos(βL) ) / Sinθ ]
Average radiated power density (Pd) = (15* Im2 / πr2) ×[ ( Cos (βL Cos&theta) - Cos(βL) ) / Sinθ ] 2

β = 2π / λ
λ = Wave Length
Im = Magnetic Current
L = Half Antenna Length
r = radius
θ = Angle
Dipole means "two poles". The wire or rod is split at the center with an insulator. Each end at the center is connected to the feed line. In short, a dipole is an electrical device that sends or receives radio or television signals. The advanced online Dipole Antenna Calculator is useful in calculating and finding the dipole current, Electric wave, Magnetic wave and Average radiated power density of antennas.