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Formula Nu = h * L k

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Nusselt Number :
Nu = hL/k

Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient :
k = Nuk/L

Characteristic Length :
L = Nuk/h

Thermal Conductivity of the Fluid :
k = hL/Nu

Nu = Nusselt Number,
h = Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient,
L = Characteristic Length,
k = Thermal Conductivity of the Fluid.

The Nusselt Number is a dimensionless number that is used in the study of mass transfer. The Nusselt Number is denoted by the symbol 'Nu'. The Nusselt number is the ratio of convective to conductive heat transfer across the boundary. This advanced online Nusselt Number Calculator is used to calculate the various parameters of Nusselt Number by using various formulas.

In short, the Nusselt number is a dimensionless parameter used in calculations of heat transfer between a moving fluid and a solid body.

Calculate the Nusselt Number for the given details.
Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient (h) = 25 W/m2-K
Characteristic Length (L) = 5 m
Thermal Conductivity of the Fluid(k) = 10 W/m-K

Apply Formula:
Nu = hL/k
Nu = 25*5/10
Nu = 12.5000
Nusselt Number (Nu) = 12.5000


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