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Equation Solver Calculator

Math equation solver is an online tool designed to solve equations with respect to the variable. It calculates the value of the variable that is present in the equation. The math solver can solve linear equations as well as quadratic equations.

 This equation solver with steps also simplifies the equations along with solving them. It shows you the step by step calculations for every solved equation.

Well, it seems you’ve had enough of what this calculator can do. Let’s find out how to solve linear and quadratic equations without using an equation solver calculator.

How to solve linear equations?

Do you know what a linear equation is and what is the standard form of a linear equation?

Well if you don’t, here is the definition of linear equation.

A linear equation is an algebraic equation that has maximum of first degree can be written in the form of:

ax + b = 0 or Ax + By = C

It is the standard form of linear equation. In this equation,

x and y are variables,

A and B are coefficients of x and y,

C is the constant.


Solve the equation: 5 x - 10 = 3 x – 6


Step 1: Arrange the values in the given equation by identifying the same terms.

 5x - 10 = 3x – 6

We can write the above equation as:

5x – 3x -10 + 6 = 0

Step 2: Add or subtract the values that can be added or subtracted.

2x – 4 = 0

Step 3: Add 4 on both sides of the equation.

2x – 4 + 4 = 0 + 4

2x = 4

Step 4: Divide by 2 on both sides.

2x/2 = 4/2

x = 2

How to solve quadratic equations?

Now that you know basics of linear equations, let’s get you through the concept of quadratic equation.

A quadratic equation is an algebraic equation with a variable of second degree order and can be written in the form of:

Ax2 + Bx + C = 0


x is unknown variable,

A and B are coefficients,

C is the constant.

Quadratic equation formula

The quadratic formula for roots can be expressed as:


Solve the given equation: 2x² + 4x + 2 = 0


Step 1: Identify the termd.

a = 2
b = 4
c = 2

Step 2: Place the values in the quadratic formula and solve it for x.

x = -4 ± 4² - 4 x 2 x 22 x 2

x = -4 ± 16 - 164

x = -4 ± 04

x = -4/4

x = -1

Solve equations using standard form equation calculator, because, solving equations using this calculator is easier than making a bad face when you are stuck in calculations.


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