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Arranging three or more fractions in order, from least to greatest or from greatest to least by comparing two fractions at a time is called ordering fraction. Least to greatest calculator also known as ascending order calculator. You can add unlimited values to sort in our ordering fractions calculator.

Least to greatest calculator

The least to greatest ordering fraction ordering calculator can give the sequence to multiple complex numbers. Whether the numbers are of simple type, fraction, or in the decimal type, the least to greatest calculator can also help you to arrange your numbers instantly. To order three or more fractions from least to greatest, compare them, two fractions at a time is ordering fractions.

Greatest To least calculator

The greatest to least fractions calculator can be used for finding the descending order of multiple numbers. For making a descending order of multiple complex numbers, this calculator can be used as it generates the descending order instantly. 
Just enter the values in the toolbar and the calculator will automatically make the order. Not only this, but you can also enter different types of numbers including percentage, decimals, or fraction number. 
Most of the time, users need to give the sequence to their data usually for making statistical charts or graphs. 
Oder the fractions in ascending and descending order.

Ascending order: 2/3, 5/6,4/3,8/3
Descending order:  8/3,4/3,5/6,2/3

Fraction ordering calculator is used to evaluate the order of fractions in ascending order as well as descending order. The ascending order of fractions is known as least to greater, and descending order is known as greater to least order. Order of fractions is a complex process if you will try to do it manually because you will have to convert each fraction in decimal to place multiple fractions in the correct order.

Our calculator makes it easy to calculate the order of complex fractions. In this content, we will discuss how to use smallest to greatest ordering calculator, and how to order fractions in any order manually.

How to order fractions?

To calculate the correct order of fractions:

  • Enter the fractions in the input box separated by a comma.
  • Press the Calculate button to see the results.

It will give you results in two forms:

  1. Ascending Order
  2. Descending Order.

How to order fractions in a correct way?

You can always use the above calculator to calculate the order of fractions with one click. We will elaborate on the complete process of ordering fractions below so that you can understand the concept properly.
Suppose we have five fractions 4/5, 2/5, 3/2, 8/5, and 13/17. We will calculate the order of these fractions in both ascending and descending order. Follow these steps to calculate the order of the fractions: 

Step 1: Write down all fractions.
4/5, 2/5, 3/2, 8/5, 13/17
Step 2: Click on the calculate button. For ascending or least to greatest order, place the smallest value first and for descending or greatest to least order, place the greatest value first, and so on
Ascending Order: 2/5, 13/17, 4/5, 3/2, 8/5
Descending Order: 8/5, 3/2, 4/5, 13/17, 2/5

You can also convert decimals into fractions by using our Fractional Calculator instead of matching them in the fifth step.

Table of some fractions:

is 5/8 bigger than 1/2 No
is 6/10 less than 5/8 Yes
is 2/3 more than 1/2 No
is 5/8 bigger than 3/4 No
is 3/8 bigger than 1/4 No


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