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Put value in the given input box to rounding significant figures by using our sig fig counter and calculator.


Significant figures calculator is used to calculating the significant numbers in a given value. It determines the total numbers of significant figures in a number. In this context, we will discuss significant figures definition, how to use our significant calculator, and significant figures rules as well.

How to use our sig figs calculator?

To use our significant digits calculator, follow these steps:

  • Enter the number to calculate significant figures in the given input box
  • Enter the rounding number in the given input box.
  • Press the Calculate button to get rounding significant figures in the given number.
  • You can reset the values by using the Reset button.

You can also use our rounding calculator to round the numbers to desired decimal places after using our sig fig counter.

What are Significant Figures?

Significant figures are the numbers that indicate precision or accuracy in terms of importance. These numbers contain important information on the accuracy of a measurement or calculation. Here are some significant figures examples:

  • The number 8 has 1 significant figure, which is 8.
  • The number 52 has 2 significant figures, which are 5 and 2.
  • The number 376 has 3 significant figures, which are 3, 7, and 6.
  • The number 275.25 has 5 significant figures, which are 2, 7, 5, 2, and 5.
  • On the other hand, the number 0.0234 has only 3 significant figures, which are 2, 3, and 4.

How to calculate significant figures?

Significant figures can be calculated using the significant figures counter. If you are interested in manual calculation, here are the rules to calculate significant figures in a number.

Rules to calculate significant figures

  1. Every non - zero digits are significant numbers.

2.437 includes four significant figures

327 includes three significant figures

  1. The zeroes are significant if the zeros are between numbers, whose actual value is not zero.

200067 includes six significant figures

3049 includes four significant figures

  1. The zero is not a significant number if it is to the left of the first non-zero digit.

0.002222 includes four significant figures

0.00045 includes two significant figures

  1. The zeroes are significant that is after the last non-zero number when the number has a decimal point.

6.000 includes four significant figures

700.0 includes three significant figures

0.020 includes two significant figures

  1. Trailing zeros are not significant if the number does not have a decimal point.

400 or 4 × 10^2 only includes one significant figure

89000 includes two significant figures

  1. The total number of significant digits is unlimited in exact numbers. It is the same case for defined numbers.

1 meter = 1.0 meters = 1.000 meters = 1.00000000 meters etc.


Significant Figures Counter Table

Numbers How Many Significant Figures? Which Figures are Significant?
9 1 9
88 2 8,8
100 1 1
0.123 3 1,2,3
0.008 1 8
 0.020 2 2,0
136000 3 1,3,6
999800. 6 9,9,9,8,0,0
5780.0 5 5,7,8,0,0
2600.38 6 2,6,0,0,3,8


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