Brake Horsepower Calculator

Brake Horsepower is defined as the actual or useful horsepower of an engine that is determined from a force exerted on a friction brake. Here the horsepower of an engine is recorded on a device called dynamometer. The advanced online Brake Horsepower Calculator is useful in calculating the brake horsepower of an engine by using the formula.
Brake Horsepower Calculator
I want to calculate:
Flow Rate or Discharge (Q): gpm
Total Head (H): ft
Pump Efficiency (n):
Water Horsepower: HP
BHP = 100QH/3960n

Q = Flow Rate or Discharge
H = Total Head
n = Pump Efficiency

The Brake Horsepower is termed as the dynamometer connected to the drive shaft.

Calculate the Brake Horsepower (Water Horsepower) for the given details.
Flow Rate or Discharge (Q) = 25 gpm
Total Head (H) =15 ft
Pump Efficiency (n) = 5

Apply Formula:
BHP = 100QH/3960n
BHP = 100*25*15/3960*5
BHP = 1.89 HP