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To find your exact age in years, months, days, minutes, and seconds, select the DOB, input birth time, and hit the calculate button using the age calculator.

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Age calculator

This online age Calculator aka birthday calculator helps you in knowing your age in years, months, days, minutes, and seconds. It calculates the difference in the number of days, months, and years between two dates.

This exact age calculator calculates your age based on your date of birth commonly known as dob. 

What is age?

Age is a number that defines how long you or any being has lived. It has great importance in our life. 

We have to be of a certain age to do most of the work. There is a question that we all have asked ourselves or have been asked i.e. “How old am I today?” or “How old are you?”. We usually ask this question to get to know others well.

There are certain advantages we could only get if we are of the required age. Knowing how old I am today is very crucial because we are asked about it a lot. For instance, we need to keep our age in view in some places. Some of them are;


It is a place we all go to a lot. We buy groceries, items of daily use, and e.t.c. There are some toys in the market suitable for children above the age of 3. It is because these toys might have sharp edges which might hurt children of age below the mentioned age. 


Then there are some food items that only grown-ups can eat because they might have a lot of spices in them and hence will be dangerous for kids and the elderly. We buy clothes for the market as well.


Consider your mother went shopping without you and now she is buying a dress for you.  To get a perfect size, she will look at the tag of the dress. There is usually age mentioned in it. So that will help her to get the right one. You can calculate the age of your child through our online age finder.

Educational Institutes

We all went to school then college and some to universities. If you are in grade 6, almost all of your class will be of the age between 11 to 13 except for a few exceptional cases. 


It is because institutes have an age limit for each class which by the way changes from region to region and sometimes country to country. In my country, students who are to be admitted in grade one must be of age 5. So most of the grade one has students who are 5 years old.


Then there are exams. I remember when one of my fellow friends could not take exams in grade 9 because she was 13. And to give papers you had to be 14 years old. The syllabus is also designed according to the age group of the students.


Students of the primary level start with the basics of each subject. And as they go on from one grade to the next, their syllabus also becomes more complex. Our birthdate calculator can calculate your age from your date of birth.

Job interviews

When we look at practical life, people pursue different fields. They study hard to get a job of their liking. But you will see in most job offers, it is mentioned that the person should be mature and responsive. It’s because mature people can handle pressure well.


You might consider yourself mature at the age of 15, but people won’t. Well, that’s because maturity comes with experience, and that my friend comes with age. So, to even get a job you have to have reached a specific age. 

Companies also use birthday calculators to know if the candidate is mature enough to be appointed.

Driving license

We all dream of beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious cars. Well, what are they of use, if we can’t drive them? You cannot get your driving license until you are out of age. I recently turned 18 and plan to get mine very soon.


If a teenager is driving a car, not only he or she will get a challan ticket but they are also putting their lives in danger out on the road. 


You would think why is it so necessary? It’s because your reflexes become stronger as you grow. So, in an emergency, instead of panicking you will think of a way out. You also get your CNIC after the age of 18.


People retire after a certain age which varies from profession to profession. Army men retire early because they are not strong enough at the age of 58 to take part in operations.


At the same time, government officers enjoy almost 4 more years of their job tenure. After that, they get pensions according to the rank they were on before retiring. 


As companies use online chronological means to determine if the person is suitable for the seat, they also keep track of their ages during their service to know when they are retiring.

How to calculate age manually?

If you want to calculate yourself it’ll be tiresome and might not be a hundred percent accurate but it is not impossible. Let’s learn it with an example.


Assume you were born on August 11th, 1998 at 2:15 PM. You will calculate one year from August to August. On 11th August 1999, you were 1 year old. In 2005 on the same date, you were 7 years old. And in 2020 you are 22 years old.


Also, check our days added calculator, you will find it quite interesting.

Perks of using our calculator

You might think this is a boring online calculator that can only count your age. That, my fellow, is not the case. This calculator comes up with a variety of interesting facts regarding your age.


After you enter your date of birth and if possible choose the time of your birth, you click calculate.

Below will appear a long table. Its first section is the results section. On the left side, this calculator will tell you your age in years e.g. 22 years old. And on the right side, it will tell you the day you were born. 

Growing age Timeline

Below the results section, lies the growing age timeline section. It will provide an accurate answer to your questions like “How old am I in days” or “How many days old am I?”.

As we assumed your date of birth to be the 11th of August, previously. According to this date of birth, you are 8146 days old at the time being. Age finder will also tell your age in hours, minutes, and seconds. That’s an interesting fact there. 

Your age

Next, it will tell your exact date in years, months, and days. Like when I’m writing this, according to your assumed age you are 22 years 3 months, and 18 days old.

Then it will tell how many months old you are. You are 267 months old. Then your age in days, hours, minutes, and seconds once again.

Next birthday

On the right side of the “your age” tab, is the next birthday tab. It will give you all sorts of information about your upcoming birthday. Like what will be the day on this date next year.

How much time do you have in hand in months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds?

If you are planning to throw a surprise party for anyone from your friends or family. This calculator will be quite useful. It will help you have a check on the time you are left with so you don’t have to panic in the eleventh hour. 

Birthday wish

If you are using this calculator for yourself on your birthday, it will wish you your birthday along with soft birthday music. Happy calculating

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